How To Establish A Strong Presence On TikTok For Your Business

Want to know how to utilize TikTok For Your Small Business

How To Establish A Strong Presence On TikTok For Your Business

TikTok is continuing to be the top downloaded social media app, and it's not just Gen-Z adding to the numbers a lot of businesses are flocking in masses to this platform to attract their target audience in new ways. Large corporations like Aeropostale and GAP are taking advantage of making video content in-house and with influencers! So why are these companies utilizing this platform and you're not? It's ok if you're lost or if you're shy on camera (let's be honest even if we learn the trending dances most of us still will be awkward on camera including me!)

Create With Intent

Remember why your business is on TikTok in the first place to show off your products and services so do exactly that! Show behind the scenes in your workplace, take a video of you packing an order, show off your new line of products (don't forget to use trending sounds and niche-related hashtags!)

Engage Like A User

No matter how good your content is and how many videos you put out a day you really won't get far if you don't interact with others. Like videos of other small businesses, leave engaging comments, network with other profiles! Do these necessary things, and the algorithm will gladly work in your favor.

Build A Narrative

"Hey, buy my products you're going to love them!" 

Why should I trust this person and why should I specifically buy what they are saying?

"Hey, we are a family antique store based in Nashville, TN, and have some of the most amazing items you've ever laid eyes on! Most of our guitars date back to the good ole days of the Blues!" 

This sounds way more personal, fun, and engaging! This is what we like to call in the marketing world building a narrative. When you build a narrative you present yourself as a brand that is a trusted source and a person!

Think Like A TikToker

I can't stress this enough YOU HAVE TO THINK LIKE A TIKTOKER! Ok no you don't have to learn all the trending dances (unless you want to then go right ahead!) but you have to know the trending songs, what others in your niche are posting, new transitions to make your videos fresh and interesting. The more you keep up and apply these methods the more your videos will go viral!

We hope we made TikTok a little more easy for your business to navigate. If you are still unclear and want to drive the audience from TikTok to your start-up then book a free discovery call with us and we will put you on the path to success!

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