TikTok Is Testing A New Feature You Might Be Familiar With

TikTok is currently pilot testing a new feature you might be familiar with

TikTok Is Testing A New Feature You Might Be Familiar With

TikTok recently released that they are pilot testing a new feature that you might be familiar with. TikTok is testing its version of stories this exciting news came on August 4th. Don't worry your favorite features like Duet and Stitch are safe TikTok stories are just a new additional feature to bring creative content to life!

Unfortunately, we don't know how long pilot testing will be nor do we know what regions will get this feature first. For the time being this new feature is in the hands of small U.S. markets to test any bugs or kinks. 

TikTok released this feature to make it easier for those who are not familiar with the app to still be a part of and engage the community. This means if your business is still not on TikTok then now more than ever it needs to be! Check out our article How To Establish A Strong Presence On TikTok For Your Business for help and insights on how to get started!

What do you think of this new feature? Will it be a tool for your business or just an Instagram copy? We know we are definitely going to make use of the tool when we (if we ever do) get it!

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