Why Your Creative Process SUCKS (Plus Tips To Help You Improve)

Your creative process sucks! Let us help you fix it with these insights!

Why Your Creative Process SUCKS

Your creative process SUCKS! That's not me telling you this it's you telling yourself this. Be honest with yourself is your creative process wowing your current clients, is your process bringing in your dream clients? If you said no to either of these then we have a serious problem! It's ok you don't have to freak out because we have some tips to help your process so you can fall in love with it!

You Haven't Created A Process, Or Haven't Been Following The One You Have

You need to have and follow a creative process it's like a detailed roadmap that you and your client can follow to get the best out of your design project. Yes, it has to be thorough, and this may be time-consuming and full of presentations, but the results are worth it! You will see an influx of happy clients and more dream clients come your way!

You Aren't Reviewing Your Creative Brief 

You sat down and had a creative call with your client and asked them a list of questions about their business and project. You have all this wonderful information that you can't all absorb in one sitting so stop trying to! Review, review, review! Review your notes, review emails, and especially review the creative brief love!

You're Reading About Being Creative But Not Applying Your Skills

Reading design books and blog posts is wonderful and get your creative juices flowing however if you're not applying your skills to the project then your work will become redundant. You want to elevate your craft not block it by churning out repeat designs. Once you master thinking out of the room! (get it not like thinking out of the box) your creative process will improve.

You're Not Documenting Your Ideas

The biggest mistake you could be making in your creative process is the fact you're not documenting your ideas. Ever since I read Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon I carry my notebook EVERYWHERE even if it's just a short car ride and it has paid off tremendously. I wouldn't have had most of the inspiration I needed from trying to keep it all in my mind plus I have written poems, aspirations, and goals in my notebook to keep me and my agency on track.

I hope we've given you some great insights on how to improve your creative process, as a designer and marketer I know the fundamental value and the impact the creative process can have on any project you are tasked with. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter for more amazing content!

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