Women Are In The Design Industries Shadow

Are women fairly represented in the design industry?

Women Are In The Design Industries Shadow

Yes, you read that right, women are unfairly represented in the design industry. And it's time to state the facts 54% of graphic designers are women however only 11% of creative directors are women. The differences in numbers are profound! If women don't see others with corner offices it could resort to a lack of mentorship and celebration in their work. This leads to discouragement and furthers a lack of interest.

Women deserve a seat with the big boys because we make a big impact on the economy and influence a lot of companies and products. Women make up 80% of consumer spending and 60% of social media sharing. We truly do hold a lot of power and with insights and new ideas could shake the design industry.

Are you ready to see more women in the design world? Psst did you know our team is full of talented women? You should check out our About page!

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