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Amanda Barba Realtor



Amanda Barba

Amanda Barba is an upcoming realtor based in Santa Barbara, California

Amanda Barba is an upcoming realtor in Santa Barbara, California who came to us to help launch her career and reach clients

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Amanda Barba wants to guild clients to their new home in sunny Santa Barbara and experience California life. We were happy to help launch her career and put her with connections across the US

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"Brianna was a wonderful person to work with, very responsive and you truly could see that she cared about every single aspect of your project. She took great detail and factored in every response that you gave her to make sure that the project was perfect, I highly recommend Brianna to anyone, not only provides great results is also a great person to collaborate with!."
Amanda Barba
Amanda Barba Realtor

Our approach

We created a simple strategy to launch her career and created on brand posts for her feed
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Graphic Design

Created cohesive on brand posts

Social Media Strategy

Implemented an effective strategy to push her in front of her target audience and new clients


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