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Jennie Troutman

Brand Identity for an ambitious realtor who wants to welcome you home

Jennie Troutman Broker and Realtor

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Jennie Troutman was tired of not having a cohesive brand identity like her competitors so we designed a brand identity that would attract her audience and increase her real estate sales!

We did a full brand strategy to recognize her pain points and she was relieved when we presented her new look she described it as perfect and glad she trusted us with her business!

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"It's perfect I was so scared that I put off my brand as long as I could but you gave me excitement and exactly what I asked for."
Jennie Troutman
Jennie Troutman Realtor

Our approach

We researched some of Jennie's competitors as well as the target audience and formulated a strategy to bring in more clients with those insights in mind we created a wonderful brand identity that not only amazed her but wowed her audience!
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Brand strategy

Formed a strategy to put her in front of her wide target audience.

Brand design

Created vivid designs that showed an experienced and trusted realtor.


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