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Lepa Candle Co.



Lepa Candle Co.

Lepa Candle Co. wanted a unique brand identity to be recognized by her current audience

Modern Luxe Candles

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Simone Terrel was seeing a stalemate of growth in Lepa Candle Co. and low sales and was worried her audience wasn't increasing. She came to us wanting to refresh her brand identity not only to attract a new audience to her business but also wanting to remain recognizable to her current audience.

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"I loved the fact that Brianna Gregory Design Co. continuously worked hard and brought my business new life."
Simone Terrel
Lepa Candle Co.

Our approach

We immediately went to work and researched her competitors and surveyed her target audience. We created a creative direction presentation to show our insights on design. From there, we created a beautiful and unique brand identity that attracted a new audience and was recognized by her current followers.
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We refreshed her brand identity that accentuated her modern and luxury candles


We gave her a full TikTok audit to highlight what she could improve on

Social Media

We gave her a full 15 day content strategy that included content ideas, hashtags, and posting times

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