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The Narrative

Authenticity Coach helping you become your best self

Jahnay Bryan is an authenticity coach and hosts a podcast called The Narrative she has dedicated her life to helping others find their best self

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Janhay wanted a brand identity that would not only attract her audience, but also wanted a cohesive identity and voice to push forward her social media and podcast.

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"Brianna truly captured my vision. I told her what I was aiming for and she met me more than halfway. She has an eye for matching your business needs to graphic design, enabling you to convey your message to your audience with your logo, graphics, and colors. Her creativity, professionalism, and expertise made my experience even better."
Jahnay Bryan
The Narrative

Our approach

We created a full brand identity that not only attracted her target audience but also told a story of what she does and she loved it!
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Brand Strategy

Full market research and strategy of her target audience

Brand Identity

Designed a full brand identity that her and her audience loved

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy that defined brand voice

Social Media Design

Cohesive social media templates to keep her feed on brand
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